We distribute the only perforated/vented/holed foil in a roll form in the entire world (so far Geri). We invented this concept of foil in 2012.

We provide our customers with a No Hassle, No Mess and healthier grilling experience by eliminated the clean-up process and providing a perforated/holed/vented foil that can eliminate flare ups and harmful gasses by way of an infrared concept using the foil and provide a non-stick grilling process for veggies, seafood and all meats with a particular note of the chicken not sticking which is a plus. You can use the foil to also Steam shrimp and vegetables on the stove, smoke food in the oven, strain, and creat vented BBQ pouches

Vented/Perforated/ holed foil which can come in standard 12 inch 25ft rolls or 18 inch 50ft and 75 ft rolls in the future for retail and Amazon

You can find us on our webpage as well as Amazon, and (Whereever else). We were Amazon’s choice for summer 2017 and Blue Ribbon and 5 star while being rated #1 for Grill Toppers

As of now we ship in the continental USA including Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico

Menards Inc/Mid West 14 states 320 stores, Shop Rite/Passaic New Jersey, Sprouts/ Las Vegas

Grilling Foil

DMC Grilling Foil was invented to eliminate the fear of dirty grill grates in state parks, lakes, local parks as well as beaches and apartment complexes where the grills are shared at times by several hundred tenants.


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